Woman vomits outside her health insurance office because they denied treatment for her chronic vomiting condition

Warning: Article contains graphic footage of vomiting

A woman in the US threw up repeatedly outside a health insurance office after they allegedly denied cover for a procedure to alleviate her chronic vomiting condition.

Comedian Sandy Honig recorded herself spewing her guts outside an Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield office to appeal the decision, before uploading it to YouTube.

The Three Busy Debras writer and star explained in the now-viral video that she needed treatment for gastroparesis, a condition that keeps the stomach from emptying properly.

The condition causes her to vomit ‘almost everything’ she eats and while it isn’t curable, there are several treatments that can alleviate her symptoms, one of which is a Botox injection to the pyloric sphincter, the muscle that connects the stomach to the small intestine.

Although it would improve her quality of life greatly, Honig claimed that Anthem denied coverage of the crucial treatment.

In response, she showed up to the company’s Los Angeles headquarters in Woodland Hills where she began projectile vomiting after being turned away while trying to deliver a letter.

Honig subsequently spoke to two people outside of the office before painting the pavement a shade of red and yellow.

The TV star said: “Nobody would take my letter, but they said I could mail it with any relevant documentation,” as she threw up into the envelope.

Comedian Sandy Honig detailed the severity of her condition in a now viral video. Credit: YouTube/Sandy Honig

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