20 Of The Selfie Fails That Will Make Your Brain Say ‘Nope’

There’s a certain art form to selfie-taking. You have to get that camera at just the right angle — so you don’t capture any unflattering chins! — while also getting your smile just right. Then, while trying to actually snap the photo, you have to maintain a steady hand!

This constant need to be in the limelight is why millennials have been dubbed “the selfie generation.” If you explore any social media platform, you’ll find tons of people taking pictures of themselves and posting those photos for all their friends to comment on. But not everyone has the same level of talent when it comes to snapping solo. Here are 20 hilarious pictures of people who should have hired a photographer instead of attempting a selfie under the given circumstances…

1. How do you think her friends will react when they find out that she doesn’t actually have a boyfriend to stop from taking a photo of her in this bathroom… with a mirror? She wasn’t thinking far enough ahead on this one.

Written by John

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