She fled home with her children after her husband frequently beat her

Cara Brookins was devastated emotionally when her second abusive marriage ended. She made a full recovery by building her own house, which she learned to do from watching videos on YouTube.

In 2007, the mother of four had to sell the Bryant, Arkansas, house she shared with her soon-to-be ex. She started looking for a new place to live.

However, the computer programmer analyst couldn’t afford anything at the time. Brookins also felt compelled to take action to bring her family back together.She admits, “I had no idea what that should be,” however.

Consequently, Brookins came up with the strategy to build her own house from the ground up.

According to Brookins, 45, “it felt like if anyone were in our situation, they would do this.”
I now realize that it sounds insane because no one else saw it this way.

A one-acre piece of land and a construction loan of roughly $150,000 were paid for by Brookins for $20,000 each.

She also started watching videos on YouTube to learn how to build a wall, lay a foundation, run a gas line, install plumbing, and other building techniques.

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She has not had a haircut for 25 years, although her husband often begged her to do so.