27 Signs You’re Absolutely an Alpha Female

“We should not wait for someone else to come and raise our voice. We should do it by ourselves. We should believe in ourselves. Yes, we can do it. One day you will see that all the girls will be powerful; all the girls will be going to school. And it is possible only by our struggle; only when we raise our voice.” – Malala Yousafzai

Are you a loudmouth? A feminist? An unapologetic Malala?

If so, congratulations, woman! You are the strong and powerful force that makes the world go ’round.

Here Are 27 Signs You Are An Alpha Female:

1. You know what you want to achieve –  today, this month, and over the next five years.

2. You truly believe that hardship makes you stronger. You don’t let life’s challenges bring you down.

3.You share your values, beliefs, and opinions – even personal ones – with confidence.

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