Soldier falls in love with stray dog in Iraq – 1 month later, dog loses it when they meet again

Back in 2016, former Army Specialist Ken Wyrsch was working at an army base in Iraq when he made a most unusual friend. While working one day, he spotted a street dog nearby.

It turned out it was a stray mutt — and a rather bold one at that. The dog proceeded to walk right onto the army post — and that was that.

Ken immediately fell for the dog, just a puppy at the time, and it didn’t take long before he had won over Ken and all of the other soldiers’ hearts.

They called the dog Ollie — and Ken raised him as if he was his own.

The moment Ollie walked onto the base, Ken felt drawn to him. He just knew, that instant, that he couldn’t let this dog continue to suffer on the streets.

Ken took Ollie under his wing. He took good care of him and fed him generously and it wasn’t long before Ken took on the role of Ollie’s master. Needless to say, Ollie couldn’t be more thrilled about the new best friend he had luckily inherited.

Written by Abid Dharamsey

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