The Mother of Black and White twins are frequently asked with inquiries regarding which Boy is theirs.

When she gave birth in February of this year, this Nigerian woman, who was 31 years old had no idea what she was going through. She is now able to clearly differentiate her identical twins from her sons. Despite the fact that Daniel and David were born just a few minutes apart, they are not identical.

Both Stacy and Babaji, who are black and live in Lagos, have albino children. Due to their strikingly different appearances, the adorable twins frequently draw attention wherever they go. Daniel resembles his 5 years old older sister, Demilade, with dark skin and black curly hair, while David is strikingly white with pale skin and golden brown hair.

Stacy made the decision to post pictures of the couple’s activities on Instagram, and within a year, the twins had nearly 18,000 followers.

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