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These 7 Charismatic Women, You Won’t Believe Were Born As Men

We are living in the 21st century, everything with time has changed a lot. You change what nature gave you, there is no need to stick to it. Human nature is full of curiosity, we question about everything even about ourselves. Here we are going to tell you about some popular celebrities who change their gender and turned into beautiful women. Have a look at these graceful ladies!

Kim Petras

When Petras took the decision to change her gender, everyone started gossiping about it. She just 12-years old when she took the decision. She is a German pop singer and she also composes her songs as well. For some nationwide German hair salons, she has done modelling as well.

Amiyah Scott

                                   © Amiyah Scott/Twitter © Amiyah Scott/Twitter

Rihana and Lil’ Kim are her biggest style inspiration. She was model at the start of her career, now she is a model. Her beauty is mesmerizing for everyone and her background is very humble and down to earth as well. She was also a part of the reality show The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Jenna Talackova

                                         © Jenna Talackova/Twitter ©

She is a Canadian model. She is brave enough to file a lawsuit against the Miss Universe pageant organizers, not only that she also even filed a lawsuit against Trump as well. She won both of them. Because of her honesty, she won hearts of many people.

Carmen Carrera

                                     © Christopher Macsurak/Wikipedia © Imgur

Her stage name is Carmen Carrera. She is talented American TV star and model. She became popular in the whole country when she became the first transgender model of Victoria’s Secret and a petition was also sent Victoria’s Secret.

Andreja Pejic

                                                              © Behance © Behance

In my opinion, she is the luckiest of all as she won both the hottest male and hottest female titles in the same year. The is one of the best androgynous models. Her new name is Andreja and she is also performing in male and female fashion shows.

Lili Elbe

                                     © ©

In 1930, she was the first one to had a transgender surgery. A biopic was made on Lili, its name was ‘The Danish Girl’. The Venice Film Festival appreciated this film and even 4 awards were given by the LGBT Film Festival in her name.

Laverne Cox

                                                  © Netflix © Laverne Cox/Twitter

When you start following your heart, life becomes much easier and happier. Laverne is the first transgender to get nominated for an Emmy award. She is also a member of transgender society and actively participate in it.

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