7 totally-normal reasons behind your queefs aka v**inal farts

V**inal farts or queefs are completely normal and rarely a cause of concern. But if you’re still wondering why they’re happening to you, then read on.

Have you ever wondered why women fart through their v**inas? We know it can get embarrassing sometimes, but v**inal farts are nothing but trapped air. It is not waste gas and so it doesn’t smell. That said, there are a lot of reasons why air can get trapped in your vagina making you queef or fart via your v**ina.

1. S**ual activity

When something is inserted in the vagina (like a p**is, fingers, or s** toys) it can trap the air inside. The “in and out” movement for sexual pressure can also trap the air, which is then released when the s**ual activity is done.

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