Awwwkwwward! Over 30+ Uncomfortable and Unexpected Celebrity Encounters

Many people look up to celebrities as heroes. But at the end of the day, they’re still human, and even the most prestige superstars aren’t always as gracious as we wish they were.

And these people of the internet weren’t afraid to share their hilarious, suprising and mostly uncomfortable encounters with celebrities. You won’t believe what they had to say.

Bam’s Body Guard vs. the Store Manager

Bam Margera and his crew walked into a store in one of Pennsylvania’s more “upscale” malls. Unfortunately, it was against the store’s policy to shut down the store just for Bam to be able to shop in private—and with reason, they totally should’ve called ahead first if anything.

But alas, the big, intimidating body guard wasn’t having it. Luckily, it was Bam himself that calmed everyone down, a store manager shared on Reddit. How wild!

Written by John

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