What 7 Human Body Parts Would Look Like If They Were Designed Perfectly

We actually experience pain during childbirth because of how our bodies changed through evolution. In fact, it took about 6 million years for humans to get where we are today, yet the changes we went through didn’t make us perfect, and our bodies have a few design flaws that you might not be aware of.

1. Pelvic bone

Babies have big heads and we actually have tiny pelvic openings. This means that it’s a very tight fit for the head to get into the birth canal, which makes giving birth very painful.

Solution: To make the whole process less painful, we’d have to have a wider pelvic bone, but this would make our hips larger, making it harder to walk. Another solution would be to give birth by having the baby come out near the navel section, which would mean we’d give birth through the belly button.

Written by John

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