17 Wild TikTok Screenshots That’ll Make You Question Pretty Much Everything

Everyone has a guilty pleasure. Some people watch The Bachelor. Others listen to Jack Johnson. Me, I follow the Wild TikTok Screenshots Twitter account.

I’d try to describe

Fair warning that while this account is hilarious to me, I’ve also been ruined by the internet, so it can get a little graphic, NSFW, and weird.

So yea, it’s not for the faint of heart, especially if you’re hoping GenZ (or whatever they call the generation that uses TikTok) will make the world a better place instead of a much, much worse one.

Are some of them out of context? Sure, but, uh, also, I’m not sure there’s a context where talking about how you pierced your hemorrhoid is a good context.

You’ll see what I’m saying if you dare…


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