Woman Keeps Recreating Celebrity Instagram Poses With Hilarious Twists

Instagram has proved to be a stronghold of the strangest celebrity photos, and Australian Celeste Barber is ever-prepared and eager to point out just how ridiculous they are. Do you know of the Australian comedian? Celeste has covered herself in dirt and even belly-flopped into a pool, all to make the internet laugh out loud. In her series #CelesteChallengeAccepted, which first went viral in 2015. Celeste pokes fun at the dramatic poses that models, celebs, and influencers often strike in social media posts.

Celeste of Australia shares side-by-side photos of herself and sometimes her husband, mimicking the weird photos spotted on Instagram to prove her point. Her dose of wit and a heavy dose of realism perfectly showcases the silly celebrity photos. So far, the parodies have been refreshing, and the comedian has amassed 8.2million followers on Instagram alone. Here we’ve compiled Celeste’s newest, guaranteed to make you have an outburst of laughter. What are you waiting for? Have a glance!

Stay Focused, Guys.

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