Woman Leaves Party After Enduring Insensitive Jokes About Her Being A Gymnast, Gets Slammed By Boyfriend For “Overreacting”

A woman turned to one of Reddit’s most popular communities wondering whether she was wrong to leave a party after hearing heaps of demeaning comments from her boyfriend’s pals. Strangers online supported her while her spineless boyfriend didn’t.

Friends are a source of joy and are our chosen family. Though most of us grow up sharing our deepest secrets and all kinds of jokes with our friends, still any healthy friendship needs respectful boundaries when it comes to our romantic partner, which shouldn’t be crossed.


A woman shared on Reddit’s AITA community, how she was harrassed by her boyfriend’s pals who made inappropriate jokes about her profession and personal life, while her spineless boyfriend laughed alongside them. The post has managed to receive nearly 11K upvotes, as well as 1.9K comments discussing the audacity of some folks.

Written by Abid Dharamsey

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