Woman Lost Her £27k Teaching Job During The Lockdown, Now Making Thousands Selling Pics Online

A great indicator of the economic impact of COVID-19 is the increasing unemployment rate. Millions of people have lost their jobs and are financially struggling to feed and pay bills, including rent. But while a vast fraction of people is faced with getting a job and financial hardship, a few have fasten-the-belt-of hustle. We all are aware of the shutdown of schools across the globe. Teachers were left with little or no benefits to survive amid the pandemic; hence, it’s living in hell on earth for many.

But of course, one among the millions of teachers in the world has made a shift into the world of selling saucy photos online. Riley Summers had lost her £27K teaching job during the virus crisis but did turn to sell photos online. Riley now makes thousands per month as well as get inundated with marriage proposals.

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