Video Of Woman Serving ‘Toilet Ice-Cream’ To Guests Has Left The Internet Barfing

Internet is gagging with the new viral video of The Anna Show where a couple is seen creating a fruity flushy ice cream in a toilet bowl and then proudly presenting it to their unsuspecting friends outside. While very few found this entertaining, many found the action appalling and absolutely disgusting.

We live in the world of social media where coming across gross things is not something new. However, being a normal and definitely a ‘sane’ person there is also a limit to our taking of these kinds of disgusting things.

Especially when it comes to our favorite deserts, we don’t take jokes related to them well.  So when an absolutely shameful viral tweet shows a couple filling a toilet bowl with ice, candy, and lots of ice cream in the toilet bowl, people are definitely not pleased.

The fun for this couple does not end here as they fill the toilet bowl with all sorts of candies including Sour Patch Kids, Airheads bites, fruit punch, and Sprite.

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