Woman’s Lips Ballooned To Triple Their Size After Allergic Reaction To Cheap Fillers

A woman’s lips ballooned to triple their size after an allergic reaction to $350 discount fillers. The 24-year-old went for her third lip filler earlier this month, but within minutes her lips began to swell up and she was rushed to the hospital.

A woman’s lips ballooned to three times their normal size after she suffered a severe allergic reaction to a $350 discounted lip filler. Basia Query, 24, from Las Vegas, Nevada, went into an anaphylactic shock after getting a procedure that doesn’t involve needles.

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Her beautician fired the filler into her lips using a hyaluron pen which uses highly-pressurized air to get it below the skin. But the 24-year-old suffered an allergic reaction that made her lips swell so much that it became difficult to eat, drink and even speak.

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