10 Workplace Secrets That Career Coaches Want Us to Know but Bosses Don’t

Let’s face it, no one knows every little detail when getting hired for a new job. There isn’t a global rule book that tells you what to do and what to avoid doing. These are things that come with experience and after making quite a few mistakes first. Yes, you know the basics like being civil and polite, but you still need to learn what to say when your boss asks you something tricky.

1. Don’t rush to accept a promotion.

A pay rise or a promotion usually comes with extra responsibilities that you may not be ready to take on yourself. You need to think about whether the time is right or if you have the right skills for the new duties. You also might not be a huge fan of your team and therefore be actively looking for another job. Or you’re just not interested in climbing up the ladder because you enjoy your current position more than anything.

If you indeed decide to turn the promotion down, be honest with your employer about the reasons why. Explain why you feel you’re not ready to make this jump and what skills you need to polish a bit more. Make sure to share your strong commitment to the company so your employer knows how passionate you are. You don’t want them to suspect that you are thinking about leaving the company.

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