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You Are Effected By Stress, Here Are 10 Physical Signs

Stress becomes so normal nowadays that everyone feels they are under stress. But if the things don’t get normal with time then you should not take it lightly and consult your doctor about your health. Here we have compiled a list of few symptoms that shows your body is under stress.

Frequent colds

The inflammation suppresses by the cortisol produced by the stress. Our immune system becomes weak and sensitive which cause more serious inflammation and you get cold. It’s not the fault of cold weather, everything happens because of your weak immune system.

Gastrointestinal disorders

There is a negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract by stress and it is proved by scientists. Even medicines won’t work for the stomachache sometimes. So it’s better that you visit your doctor for a better treatment.

Difficulties focusing

People find it difficult to focus on a task who have been under stress for a long time. It will make you slow and less focused than usual and also affect your work as well.

Loss of hair

Do you know that stress can make you partially or sometimes even fully bald? So even after taking proper vitamins, you noticed less hair than visit your doctor. Try to relax and eat healthily.


There could be many reasons for headaches such as osteochondrosis, the wrong position during sleep, low or high blood pressure, sinusitis, pregnancy etc. But sometimes even stress can cause headaches. If you feel emotional at home or work then it might be the reasons for your headaches.

Low libido

Stress also is the reason behind low libido. The urge of doing sex with partner decreases day by day if you are under stress. So if you haven’t had it with your partner for a long time then pack your bags and go on vacation together it will also make you stress-free.

Problems with sleep

You might find difficulty in sleep if you are under stress. Insomnia becomes normal in people who are under stress. If you start taking sleeping pills and that not even working then consult your doctor because it’s not a good sign.

Cardiovascular diseases

A person can die because of a broken heart, yes that’s true. So don’t take too much stress if you want to live a happy and healthy life because stress causes many heart diseases.

Skin diseases

Stress becomes the reason for many skin diseases such as psoriasis, acne, and other skin diseases. There is a direct connection between the high level of psychological stress and skin problems, it proved by a research.

Changing weight

Even with a proper diet and regular exercise, your weight changed then the reason might be stress. Stress produced the hormone cortisol in large amount that increases the weight. It stabilizes metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. So avoid eating too many hormones otherwise production of testosterone will be less and your fat will not burn at all.
It also causes people to lose weight as well. The levels of adrenaline increases in the blood cause this. The metabolism speeds up by the adrenaline and slows down the fat excretion.


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