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You Must Know About These 5 Daily Use Appliances That Still Consumes Energy Even After Turning Them Off

Do you know that there are some home appliances that burn energy even after you turned them off? This is quite surprising because we feel safe after turning off the switch of any electric appliance but now knowing this you have to be careful, it can be dangerous as well. We have compiled a list of appliances that can be harmful and waste the electricity as well even after them switching them off.



Do you know that when you push the power button on TV, it just send it to the standby mode? Yes, that means that your TV is not turned off. And almost $25 worth of energy is consumed by this standby mode TV.

PCs and laptops



When you turned off the laptop or personal computers that it doesn’t stop working and still consume about $100 worth per year energy. So next time don’t just turned it off but also unplug it to save the energy and money as well. If you leave your devices in standby mode then it can multiply the amount by 1.5.

Devices with a timer



People never pay attention to the little details like a working timer. A working timer can inform you if your device is still on and consuming energy. You can save an amount of $114 per year by turning off or unplugging such devices.

A charger without a phone



If you leave the charger plugged into the socket, it will also consume energy even no device or phone connected to it. But it doesn’t use much energy. The only danger is that if you have kids in a home then they can touch it.

A digital TV tuner




It doesn’t stop working even after turning them off. The total amount of energy waste is $22 worth per year. That means your cost will be increased 5 times if you don’t bother switching it off.

Should you unplug them?

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It will be worth it if you unplug these devices as they increase your bills. There is also a chance that they will burn the house if you leave them on.

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